PPB Captain gets driver’s license suspended as part of reckless driving, DUI charges

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On June 28th just before 2:00 am, off-duty Portland Police Bureau Captain Steven Jones was arrested for DUI after crashing his city-issued SUV in the Lair Hill neighborhood. A witness reported that Jones was driving “at a high rate of speed” on SW 3rd Avenue near Arthur when he lost control and veered onto the median, crashing into a light pole and a tree.

Cpt. Jones, a 23-year veteran of the bureau who was in charge of the Professional Standard Division, was driving with a blood alcohol content of .10.

“As law enforcement officers, we are held to a higher standard,” PPB Chief Danielle Outlaw said in a statement after the incident. “This will be thoroughly investigated.”

Today, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office said Jones has completed a diversion program for his DUI charge. He filed a plea of “no contest” to reckless driving charges on December 5th. As part of his plea agreement Jones has agreed to pay $38,239 in restitution to the City of Portland and has received one year of probation and a three-month suspension of his driving privileges. Once he completes the probation his reckless driving charges will be dismissed.


This is very troubling.

At the end of every PPB statement about a major injury or fatal crash, is this line:

The Portland Police Bureau is committed to working with our partners in government and the community to create safer streets and work towards reducing, and eventually eliminating, traffic fatalities as part of Vision Zero.

There’s something very wrong with PPB culture when one of their leaders thinks it’s acceptable to drink alcohol then get into a car and drive it recklessly through our city. We’re relieved no one was hurt or killed by Jones’ selfish and irresponsible behavior. We can only hope he’s learned an important lesson and that he’ll devote himself to raising awareness about the serious and rampant driving abuse epidemic in our city.

— Jonathan Maus: (503) 706-8804, @jonathan_maus on Twitter and jonathan@bikeportland.org

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